Welcome to our FAQ page, we hope this can answer several of your questions.

What is this site about?

Real Estate Photo Journal is a one-stop place offering information on everything related to real estate photography, from how to take the photos, what equipment you need, and how to run your business.

This site is also my personal way of giving back to the photography community as a whole, and especially to all those out there that inspired me and thought me through their websites or youtube channels.

Do we make money from this site?

Yes, we do. In order to pay for website hosting, software licensing, and the hundreds of hours I put in from my personal time into writing, this website has affiliate links and advertising. 

Are we a Real Estate photographer?

Yes, I’m a full-time real estate photographer based in Orlando, FL. I do not do weddings, parties, or social gatherings, just real estate photos. You can check out my website at JoseBarriosPhoto.com

Unlike other reviewers that write guides or make Youtube videos without ever actually having done what they are recommending, just about everything I write about is because I have used it at some point or another or is from my own personal experiences.

Do we accept guest bloggers?

Yes, we do, if your information is genuine, unique, and helps others, we will gladly publish it here in this blog.

You found a mistake in an article we wrote.

Please do contact us and tell us all about it. We will try to fix it as fast as possible. You can contact us here.

Can we review a product or website of yours?

I do not see why not, if it is relevant to this site, we can sure try. Just contact us and tell us about your request.