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When I got started in real estate photography the first thing, I did was to research my competition. I quickly discovered that they were offering “virtual tours” to their clients, a lot of them, so I quickly set out to find out how I also could offer them.

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Video or virtual tours are not 360 virtual tours!

The first time I saw a virtual tour I was disappointed, I thought I would see a virtual 360 tour, but what I saw was a video slideshow of still images, it was not even a video.

Unbeknownst to me that this slideshow is what in the real estate industry was considered a virtual tour. Thankfully things have changed and now virtual tours for the most part mean an actual video or a 360 tour. You can read more on how to create 360 tours for real estate.

Another great product to offer is virtual walkthrough videos, where you walk through the house and make a quick 5 min or less video of the whole property in one shot. You can read more about how to easily make them here.

Why Premiere Rush?

When I went about creating my first slideshow, I investigated just about all solutions available at the time. I found companies that offered to automatically create a tour for me for $10 each.

These videos were automatically generated and not quite good, and at $10 a pop could get very expensive, very fast.

Another option I considered was to post the images on my website and create a slideshow for each property. This was way too complicated to be practical at any level and was quickly discarded.

So, I started to look into actual video editing software. I started with Davinci Resolve because it is free. Davinci is a great piece of software, but for what I wanted to do it was overkill, and the learning curve was quite steep.

The same was true for Premiere Pro, very good software, but way more than what I needed. I needed something simple, something fast, and then I discovered Premiere Rush.

Meet Premiere Rush

When I first fired up Rush and compared it to its bigger brother Premiere Pro and Its competition DaVinci Resolve, I honestly thought it was a joke.

None of the tools that I thought I needed were present, the whole thing looked like a bad phone app. So I went right back to Premiere Pro to try and make my video slide show.

I finally managed to make my video slide show after painfully creating transitions for each still photo I brought into the project, I spent like an hour making the video in Premiere, this was not working out, I needed the process to be fast.

So I go back into Rush and decided to take the quick tutorial that is included (RTFM folks, RTFM). I quickly added my photos by dragging them into the timeline, added a royalty-free soundtrack (Rush included a whole bunch of them), some quick titles, and I was done.

Rush all by itself added transitions between the images, made them all a bit different from each other automatically, I did not have to mess with any settings, it was all done for me. It was great!

I created this video in under 10 minutes! I now had the means to create video slide shows for my clients in a quick, easy, and above all, cheap way!

Quick tips for Premiere Rush


1- Do the tutorial!

By all means, just do it, it is quick and simple. Save yourself the aggravation and finish it.

2- Use JPEG images

Export your images as JPEG at about 2500 x 2500 max, you really don’t need more than that.

You only need between 40-50 images tops

Don’t overdo it, keep it simple and short. Your video slide show should not be over 2 minutes long. Anything more and people will just not watch it.

3- Only use music you are legally entitled to

You need to use royalty-free music for your videos, the free soundtracks included in Rush are more than good enough for these videos. Do not use music you do have rights over (buying the CD does not mean you can use it on a video).

4- Keep the text simple

Premiere Rush has several built-in text templates, use that, do not complicate yourself.

Do not use the real estate agents name or company in the video

Branded videos and photos are not allowed by most MLS if they have the agent’s info on them. Your own brand and contact info are OK.

5- Export your video in 1080p

When rendering your final video, use the built-in presets for YouTube 1080p, 4K is nice, but it will be totally unappreciated by people watching it on their tablets or phones, where over 70% will watch it.

6- Use paid video hosting on Vimeo

You need to deliver your videos in a format that your customers can share, and just sending them a 250 megabyte will not work out. I personally use and recommend Vimeo. Their basic account is free, and paid versions start at less than $100 a year.

Vimeo also keeps track of video views, and this is a perfect marketing tool for your business since you are now able to see just how many persons are seeing the video and you can relay this information to your customers.


Video slide shows are a great product that can either give away to your best customers or sell for very cheap. They are an easy way to make a few dollars more by using something you already have; the property photographs you already took.

Avoid pay per use software or online platforms that just want to nickel and dime you to death, in the long run, they cost more than an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and Vimeo hosting put together.

Learn to film and edit actual videos, your current camera is more than likely capable of doing it without having to buy extra equipment, and do not be afraid of Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Just because I do not use them for creating these video slideshow does not mean that they don’t have a use. They are superior in every way to Rush, but not meant to do what Rush does with ease.

And above all, have fun.

Jose Barrios

Jose Barrios


“What can I say? I love taking photos of houses.”

Based in Orlando Florida, Jose is a real estate photographer specializing in vacation homes, working for realtors and property managers to make their properties look great. You can visit his site at

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